They are Learning Python at the age of 12 . . .

My daughter talked about an IT project  that she was working on. After some further information, it turned out that she was learning Python, and she had to write two code projects:

  1. Ask the user to input the length and width of a room, then calculate the area within the room and print to the screen
  2. Ask the user for their name and age in years, am then print their name and age broken into years, days, minutes and seconds equivalents

One of my To Dos was to learn Python, so like "Joe 90" (or Chuck - latter day equivalent), I watched Derek Banas' Python Tutorial and prepared to help her.

Python is not what I thought it to be . . someone brought after version 3 with no backward compatibility from the ubiquitous version 2, and it has been a chore to decide which version to use and then find an Editor that can understand version 3.

Python, after so many years and languages places dependencies upon the structural placement of code for specific purposes, e.g.

for i in range(1,10):
print ("Iteration ",i)
print ("Hello")
# Will print out the
# two lines above 10 times

for i in range(1,10):
print ("Iteration ",i)
print ("Hello")
# Will print out Iteration 1
# to 10, but Hello only once
# due to its placement,
# ie not indented

RPG3 anybody? However, it was a very fast language to learn and very simple.

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