. . they claim Achilles is still predicting the correct scores

The cat’s second prediction turned out to be prophetic as well, after the Hermitage inhabitant foresaw Russia’s second group game against Egypt, a result which saw Stanislav Cherchesov’s men reach the World Cup knockout stage for the first time in 32 years.

The snow-white feline was spot on again when guessed the winners of the Iran-Morocco clash, as well as the Brazil-Costa Rica match.

Achilles makes his predictions by choosing one of two pet bowls with food he is offered to eat. The bowls have the flags near them of the countries taking part in the games.

Achim (aka ImaginaNaCopa) Top of the League

Achim (aka ImaginaNaCopa) is top of the league with Mike W (1958Dragons) and Tushar forming a close second. Her in-doors (Gurdip) is fourth.

Top 10 as of Tue 19th June

Some interesting predictions for the England vs Tunisia game, but Gurdip and Paul (PJ) were spot on with their estimate. Ingerlund and Jamilh were very patriotic with the 4-0 estimate of a Tunisia drubbing  . . but not to be.

Achilles – The World Cup Score Predicting . . . . Cat

A Russian cat reputed to have psychic powers made a perfect start to the World Cup by successfully predicting the winner of the first game on Thursday.

Achilles, whose day job is catching mice at the St Petersburg's Hermitage Museum, plumped for his home nation of Russia, who went on to beat Saudi Arabia in the tournament opener.

The feline pundit garnered a reputation as a psychic last summer by predicting a number of results correctly in the Confederations Cup, which was also held in Russia.

Achilles, who is deaf, was presented to the world’s media for his first prediction of the tournament.

The cat was offered two bowls of food with the flags of two nations over each. He initially hesitated for a moment before eating from the one representing his motherland.

Anna Kondratyeva, the Hermitage's veterinarian, later said that Achilles “loves his motherland and couldn’t vote otherwise.”

The cat was then dressed in a Russia national team football shirt for photographs.

Achilles is the latest animal hoping to carve out a niche as a psychic World Cup predictor following the breakout success of Paul the Octopus in 2010.

Achilles is the latest animal hoping to carve out a niche as a psychic World Cup predictor following the breakout success of Paul the Octopus in 2010.

World Cup 2018 Score Predictor Game is up and running . .. !

FiFA World Cup 2018
FiFA World Cup 2018

It's that time again, and  . . as per normal  .. . the World Cup Score Predictor game has finished development JUST before the Final Ceremony. Lesson learnt was don't upgrade to PHP 7.0 in 2017, and NOT test all code with it. Anyway, code refactored and ready. I think.

You need to register on the site - and don't mention GDPR, and then following the instructions located here. Don't forget to continue submitting your score predictions.

I will think of some prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place over the next month.

Note: Suk and all family members (Naveen - daughter and Arvind - son at the moment, but working on Gurdip - her-indoors) CANNOT win 🙂

Don't let knowledge of Football and the World Cup hold you back. After seeing 40+ years of Football World Cups -  . .. anything can happen.

I will "sub" all individuals overseas. To all of those people in a country which hosts “World” events  . .. this one truly represents the world (excluding India  .. who last qualified in 1950, but withdrew. Urban myth about them refusing to play without boots looks to be true.). Plus, the game is the original Football, i.e. game compromises the use of the foot to kick a ball.

The World Cup 1950 Winners  . . that were not to be ( l can see a Mr Singh with a turban in group - probably a relative of mine).

India Football Team from 1950
India Football Team from 1950