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For the Knockout Stages, there will be draws which force the dreaded Penalty Shoot Outs.

At the knockout stage if a user predicts a win e.g. 3-2 they get either the exact points if the result is 3-2 or the win points if the result is 1-0

Penalties are included in either of the above, so if a user predicts 1(5)-1(4), and result is 1(5)-1(4) then exact points, if the result is 2(5)-2(4) it’s a correctly predicted win, however if the result is 1(4)-1(5) they get points for the goal draw. It’s a reward for getting it ‘half-right’.

The bonus points for correct goals and goal difference ignore penalties.

There is nothing for extra time or golden goals as such.

No matches available in this championship.

22 thoughts on “Submit Score Predictions”

        1. hahaha ! That was nice. we will soon see……U JST WAIT N WATCH #KLOPP #MAGICIAN #RESPECT. Do remember one thing we do have a gr8 HISTORY N HISTORY will Repeat soooooooooooooooonn 😉

    1. Great to have you join.

      You change ANY prediction, except for completed football matches or in progress matches. In-game prediction may be a future addition.

      Based on previous leagues, enter ALL predictions (where available) now, in case you forget. You can always change them later (but before the match starts).

        1. I administrate the whole game, and wanted to make sure that I stay out of the table . . “With great power comes great responsibility” . . . Shakespeare . . . sorry, Stan Lee.

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