General Requirements

Online Grand National Sweepstake Game


  1. Allow a horse to be linked to one individual.
  2. An individual can only pick one horse, and cannot change their selection AFTER it has been picked.
  3. Allow the individual to affect the selection process, e.g. filter through the horses until the user selects Stop? Text box cycling through the horses
  4. Produce a listing of the horses NOT chosen, and who has picked WHICH horse
  5. You have to be a member to do the Sweep Stakes, and you get X number of horses that you can choose
  6. Create SQL Table that can be re-used for other WordPress Plugins, eg. Name/Value, with Value being an assortment of Data Types
  7. No Sweep Stake choices AFTER 1 hour before the Grand National commences.
  8. Include the odds for each horse, so the Individual is aware of the likelihood of winning at the outset
  9. . .  .


List Horses and Selection


  1. Provides a list of the horses running.
  2. Provides a list of statistics and information related to each horse.
  3. Displays the horses that have been selected, and by whom and when.
  4. Displays the horses that are still available to be chosen.
  5. A countdown timer shows the remaining time until the race starts.
  6. Shows the winner when the race has completed.
  7. A "Select Horse" button allows the user to select a horse and place their name against it.

Short Code

[THAT game="gnss" screen="table"]



Choose Horse


  1. Shows the number of horses chosen, and the number of horses remaining to be chosen
  2. Allows the user to enter their name
  3. Back button allows them to return back to the Sweep Stake table.
  4. "Start Randomizer" button starts the Random Display of horses available.
  5. "Start Randomizer" once selected changes to "Stop Randomizer".
  6. "Stop Randomizer" shows the user which horse has been chosen, and updates the Database accordingly.
  7. Start Randomizer will validate the following:
    1. Text greater than 2 characters has been entered
    2. Username provided has not been used before, i.e. one horse per user.
  8. Randomizer is disabled if:
    1. User is not a Member
    2. User has exceeded the number of horses that can be chosen.
  9. . . . .

Short Code

[THAT game="gnss" screen="select"]



Defects/ Issues

#1 Time vs Browser(s), Server and Timezones


Ensuring that System Date/ Time matches what the browser shows, e.g. UTC vs BST (GMT+1) and other Time Zones.


Ensuring that all code uses UTC for referring to a specific date and time, and thus allowing Browsers/ JavaScript functions to display local time (and count down to the event) correctly.


#1 Move All Text into Short Code Output


Have all introductory text moved into the Output from the Short Code. Have this available to be entered/ updated in the database.


Make the Short Code more generic, plus control any text which conflicts (e.g. what the intention of the game or dates related to it) to be controlled in one area.

Tic Tac Toe Game


  1. Allow the User to play another User on the same screen
  2. Allow the User to play a computer
  3. Allow the User to play another User on two separate screens
    1. Current state of game is stored in the Database
    2. Unique URL is generated for that specific game,  so that either user can return back to it
  4. End of Game announces a winner or a draw
  5. Keeps score of the games played so far, Win/ Lose/ Draw
  6. The Username of the person logged in, or "Guest A"/ "Guest B"/ "Computer A"/ "Computer B"  is used to identify each player.
  7. A new game can be initiated while an existing game is being played, based on the Player combination choice in the screen.
  8. Computer player has different levels of expertise or type of moves:
    1. Random move in a free space on the board
    2. Level 1 - calculate win/ draw success based on the next 2 moves
    3. Level 2 - calculate win/ draw success based on the next 4 moves
    4. Level 3 - calculate win/ draw success through to the end of the "move tree"
    5. . . .


  1. Have Player move logic within the browser, or offline on the server?
    1. Browser: allows offline playing, BUT puts processing requirements on the browser
    2. Server: does not allow offline playing, BUT allows for heavy processing to be removed from the browser.
  2. . . .

Wimbledon 2015 Score Guesser Game


  1. Game to allow individuals to guess the score/ outcome of Wimbledon matches, to see who can predict them the best to "win".
  2. Allows the User to submit ALL scores, regardless of which Players have made it from beginning to end, based on the following options
    1. A Default Score can be entered by the User.
    2. A warning is shown to the User if a Draw is the Default Score.
    3. A-Z of the Player Name wins based on a default Set Score
    4. Z-A of the Player Name wins based on a default Set Score

England FA Cup 2015 Game Score Guesser


Utilising the code written on the Wimbledon Game, the idea is to utilise this for other Tournament Based games.


Allows players to track the outcome of the FA Cup from beginning to the end.

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