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User Pts  
[1]   jamilh  jamilh 238
[2]   Akshatha  Akshatha 222
[3]   ImaginaNaCopa  ImaginaNaCopa 218
[4]   Nitesh-YNWA!!!  Nitesh-YNWA!!! 209
[5]   apbalan@yahoo.com  apbalan@yahoo.com 208
[6]   Max  Max 206
[7]   avinash_t  avinash_t 198
[8]   Ramesh  Ramesh 193
[9]   Arif  Arif 187
[9]   Roo-Ster  Roo-Ster 187
[11]   Kapil_SC  Kapil_SC 165
[12]   marek  marek 152
[13]   TheSwissNr10  TheSwissNr10 125
[14]   Sukhster  Sukhster 123
[15]   Vaibhav  Vaibhav 117
[16]   docbez  docbez 94
[17]   bridste  bridste 77
[18]   crookeg  crookeg 74
[19]   RosieG  RosieG 66
[21]   Ronin  Ronin 50
[22]   ankitpathak  ankitpathak 42

22 thoughts on “Ranking and Leader Board”

    1. Thanks Suk! I quickly took a screenshot of this momentum – it will not last for long 🙂

      that’s probably why you are not updating with the last scores either 😉 – you are too kind!

  1. Sukh You have 56 Points with you. You should be at rank 16 Beofre Marek. Why are your points shown as 6 only and at last position i.e. 22 rank. You are Admin!!! Something is fishy here 😉

        1. Portugal Vs Iceland was a gr8 Dissappointment :(. Had betted on Portugal 2-0 .What a poor goal did they gave. How could they leave a man free ? Poor defending. Man to man marking was not good. However Iceland on other side played a good Game. Their man 2 man marking was excellent as they had to mark only Ronaldo 😛 4 people around him not giving him space at all 🙂

    1. I did Kapil :D. I did my study and got it right 🙂 Hungary has won against Austria earlier couple of games . Had expected Austria to score atleast one though 🙁

          1. Hi Achim,

            Only AI is you, up to the top of the league !! 🙂

            Latest comments appear at the top, but replies to a previous comment get attached to the first comment.

  2. ImaginaNaCopa? Como você está?

    How the devil are you, Achim? I still owe you £10 for coming second place on the World Cup 2014 game .. or did you manage to prise it out of me on your last visit . . . 🙂

    1. Olá Suk, tudo bem! E você?

      I was very very pleased to get your invite to participate in the SPG again, thank you very much for setting it all up and not forgetting about me poor expatriate. All good here – given the corrupt environment and the fact that I have to wear long trousers again since the summer is finally over. 😉

      I have not been to the UK since July last year and will most likely not make it until the Olympics in Rio are done and airfares become halfway affordable again. If the referendum goes wrong I will not be allowed back into the country again anyway. 🙁

      Um abraço

      1. Only you would complain of wearing long trousers 🙂 Let’s see how “Brexit” goes.

        And enjoy the Olympics. Something to look forward to after you get the wooden spoon on this game 🙂

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