Future Projects

Open Source Project


Need to decide on:

  • How will the application be used?
  • What is the application's purpose? What problem is it looking to solve?
  • Is it a multi-user/ server based application?
  • What needs to be persisted

will help decide on:

  • Which technologies and components
  • Whether a server is required
  • Level of documentation required


Here are some ideas, with potential platforms for use:

  • Lottery Wheel Generator and Results Checker
  • Server Monitoring
  • Children's Study Guide
  • Small Business ERP - AR, AP, GL, Reports
  • Small Business ERP - Dental/ Medical Practice Module
  • Old Family Games Online (Battleships, Ludo, etc)
  • Share/ FX Trading for Fun (News Streaming)
  • AI Games (tic tac toe, Connect Four, Battleships, Mine Sweeper, Solitaire, Babhi)
  • Premiership Score Predictor Game
  • Premiership Survivor Game (or Win/ Lose/ Draw?)

Lottery Wheel Generator and Results Checker

Use Cases

Is It There Already?

Unique Selling Point


Technologies and Components

What will you learn/ gain?

Resource Requirements to Completion?



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