World Cup 2018 Humour

Stirling has lots of possession and chances .. but just can't hit the bulls eye .. and score.

. . . a follow up to the image at the bottom of the page, the coach in short-term car park has parking tickets 🙂

.. another explanation of why VAR is having no impact.

.. how to get hair like Neymar. Just add spaghetti.

. . . this so true.

. . . nothing more to be said - a great password

.. choose your Super Hero . .. Captain Coke anybody?

This photo went viral on What's App after it looked like Columbia vs England was going to go to Penalties. . . if only ... Henderson know thy name . . .

.. ahead of the England vs Columba game. England has made it into the Final 16 after X years. I can't still find the value of X 🙂

.. and they keep on coming . ..

I thought this would be an England Meme, but not yet . .. now the Germans feel like what it is to be an England fan . ..

After Germany not getting out of the Group Phase . . ..

This one's for Nitesh and his fervent belief that France was going to win the World Cup . . . .

Suk's attempt at a Meme. The England vs Tunisia game was marred by the fouling of Harry Kane . . . what happened to VAR? There were at least two Penalties that were not given.

After (Sir) Harry Kane's double versus Tunisia

After Mexico beat Germany 1-0 ... shock ... horror

After Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0 ( . . l swear that l saw the same meme during the South Africa World Cup 2014 competition)

After Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0

After Russia Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0

England: Instead of boycotting the World Cup, just play the first three games and then come home.

Like you normally do.

There's a Italian, Scot,Irishman and Welshman on a beach.....
Watching the World Cup!

Trying to book flights to Moscow for the World Cup next summer. All the flights from Heathrow and Gatwick are fully booked. Then I found out there are loads of flights available from Glasgow airport.

Blooming great!

Eight days 'til the world cup....

....Or if you're Italian, it's only 1627 days!

To be on the safe side when i'm in russia for the world cup i'm taking all my scouse mates shell suits to wear so i blend in with the locals.

Once again Scotland never made the World Cup but as normal England will be home before the postcards again.

Gareth Southgate has expressed that the England football team will boycott the World Cup in Russia.
‘We will plan it so it has the most impact’ He said in a statement, following it with, ‘We’ll probably do it after we have been knocked out in the quarter finals’.

Beginning in 2026, FIFA have decided to increase the number of teams competing at World Cup finals to 48.

A motion to double that number to 96 , from Scotland manager Gordon Strachan , was rejected.

Recycling Warning

England visited an orphange in Brazil Moscow today.

"It was heartbreaking to see their little faces with no hope" - Jose Oleg, aged 6

.. a cheap shot, l know

.. another version of the same joke

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