. . . and CUT! The END.

The World Cup 2014 Competition is finally over, and with it the Score Predictor Game.

The Prize Giving Ceremony(ies) occurred on Thu 17th of July, and here is the list of Winners below, in reverse order.

Last: Noorlicious

Noorlicious graciously received the Wooden Spoon for coming last. He even provided a speech.


3rd: ImaginaNaCopa

ImaginaNaCopa was not able to receive the Prize himself, although . . . he was making noises about being in Europe/ London during the week, which made me rush to think of a 3rd Prize. However, there was no show, and TheSwissNr10 stood in for him with a cleverly built disguise.


2nd: Varsna

Varsna came second, and was the League's last chance to stop MikeW from taking First Prize.


1st: MikeW

MikeW was the clear winnder, and was a gracious winner. His complaints about the scoring systems did not distract him from placing some accurate score predictions. The first prize was not as large as it looked earlier on, and MikeW accepted my excuse that the Cup got shrunk in the wash.


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