England are in the Semi-Finals . . and ImaginaNaCopa is in the lead

England are in the Semi-Finals, and have gone made with World Cup fever . . perhaps "it" will be coming home. There is a talk of a petition for a holiday on Monday if they win . . . but there is a very apt phrase for this: "don't count your chickens until they're hatched".

Croatia didn't come to the World Cup to lose, and it will be a contest of how much each team wants the World Cup - and obviously, which team has more skills. Let's see this evening.

In relation to the Score Prediction game, ImaginaNaCopa has been in the lead for some time and may well win. He lost some ground recently due to predicting that England would lose on penalties ... 🙂 1958Dragons is the only contender, but Bridste has come out of nowhere to challenge for the lead.

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